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Attraction flowers are used to attract specific butterflies to your rainforest.

Ways to get attraction flowers are by:

You can find the attraction flowers you have collected in your flower inventory. The flower inventory can be opened by clicking on one of the three slots around the Incubator in the centre of your rainforest, or by clicking on the incubator and selecting 25px. Flowers come in three varieties: Region 18px (Events & Paradise Set Placeholder§EventSetIcon.png), Rarity 18px, and Size 17px.


To improve the chances of attracting the butterfly you want using attraction flowers, flowers can be fused. The button switches from greyed out 25px to available 25px. Two 10% flowers become one 20% flower, two 20% become one 50% and two 50% become one 100% attraction flower. Using the matching 3 100% flowers, you are guaranteed to attract the butterfly you want.

Buy for Modèle:FB

Flowers can also be bought for Modèle:FB in the inventory selecting the desired flower first and tapping 25px then. If the button shows up greyed out like this 25px it is not possible to buy this specific kind of flowers for Flutterbucks. The value depends on fusing level: a 10% flower costs an eighth of the price of a 100% flower, 20% flowers cost a quarter and 50% flowers cost the half.
Please note: Amigo, Saltar and Paradise attraction flowers can't be obtained this way!

Sell for Icon§HD.png

Maybe you want to get rid of some attraction flowers, maybe because you already finished the set, or maybe to get some Honeydew. Great news – you can sell them by opening the attraction flowers inventory, selecting the flower(s) you want to sell (you can only sell one kind of flower at once) and tapping 25px then. If you have more than one of this flower, there will open a menu with a slider, which allows you to select the amount ou want to sell. The game will ask once, if you really want to sell the flower. If you accept, the amount of Icon§HD.png will be added to your stash.
If there is no flower selected or if you select a slot of flower you have none, the button will be greyed out 25px.

Attract a Butterfly

By tapping 25px you activate the selected flower for the specific slot (region, rarity, size) and it will add its chance to your next egg attraction. The button is greyed out 25px if you select a flower and an egg is already incubating, and if the selected combination would not produce a butterfly, which would meet the level and availability requirements. If you reconsider your choice, you can remove the attraction flower by opening the attraction flower inventory, open the matching tab (region, rarity, size) and tap 25px (Clear) at the bottom right corner of the attraction flower inventory. It'll show up greyed out 25px whenever no flower is selected and if an egg is already incubating.

Please note: Wisp Events and Flower per Butterfly Events use specific flowers for each event butterfly. These Flowers use up all three slots! It is not necessary (and you are not able) to add a size or rarity flower in addition. Because they fill all three slots. These flowers appear on all the pages (region, rarity and size) in your flower inventory.



Flower Affecting Special Abilities

Create an Attract Flower every 2 hours

Some Butterflies have Special Abilities that affect attraction flowers. That way you can start a little flower garden: Wait until one needed flower appears in your forest (by harvesting honeydew or with the ability to Create an attract flower). You dont have to collect the flower immediately.
Please note: If you have more than 30 flowers and gifts in your forest, you'll get a message, which lets you know to harvest before closing, to make sure everything is saved. Please follow this recommendation, because to many items may disturb the game play performance and even game saving.

Upgrade an Attract Flower every 2 days

Butterflies with the ability to Upgrade an attract flower one level. After activating all available flowers will be marked by a circle, you just need to tap the flower you want to upgrade. After three upgrades you have a 100% flower that you can duplicate and use.

Harvest and Duplicate an Attract Flower every 24 hours

The ability to Harvest and duplicate and attract flower works similiar to the upgrading one, but on the contrary to the upgrading ability, the attraction flower will not be able to be affected again by a special ability. Obviously it should be used combined with the upgrading ability: Upgrade to 100% and then duplicate it!


  • On some weekends you can make a big deal, whenever Attraction Flower Sale Event is going on. This might affect some specific flowers, a whole group or all flowers.
  • With Update Version 2.5 the flowers inventory got completely revamped. Previously it was only possible to upgrade 30px/30px already collected flowers to 100% instead of buying them, so it was only possible to buy 100% flowers from the Old Shop, lesser once only as daily deals. Further it only showed collected flowers, now it shows up all possible (level and event requirement dependend) attraction flowers.
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